Space Solar Power: Key to a Livable Planet Earth – Abdul Kalam

Read below the Joint Statement of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Former President of the Republic of India and Mr. Mark Hopkins Chairman of the Executive Committee, National Space Society.   We, Dr. Kalam and Mr. Hopkins, have long shared humanity’s dream of all nations living together in prosperity and peace and moving forwards … Continue reading “Space Solar Power: Key to a Livable Planet Earth – Abdul Kalam”

Advantages and Disadvantages of Space Solar Power

Read below the Advantages of Space Solar Power. Unlike oil, gas, ethanol, and coal plants, space solar power does not emit greenhouse gases. Unlike coal and nuclear plants, space solar power does not compete for or depend upon increasingly scarce fresh water resources. Unlike bio-ethanol or bio-diesel, space solar power does not compete for increasingly … Continue reading “Advantages and Disadvantages of Space Solar Power”

SBSP A reliable energy alternative

A recent study conducted by International Acadamy of Astronautics which is placed in Paris reveled that the technology required for placing solar panels in space to generate electricity will be available in 10 to 20 years. Another independent study conducted by a NASA veteran Mr.John Mankins also  add solid proof to the fact stated by International … Continue reading “SBSP A reliable energy alternative”

We are heading towards the era of space based solar power

Solar power from Space this might sound like a  interesting technology from a sci-fi Hollywood movie. Such kind of  giant leaps  and projects are required to satisfy the ever power hungry world. According to John C. Mankins manger of  Advanced Concepts Studies Office of Space Flight (NASA) , Space solar power project is capable of meeting the every … Continue reading “We are heading towards the era of space based solar power”

Space solar power touted for energy needs

Producing electricity from solar panels placed in space can provide a costeffective way to meet the ever growing energy crisis . This technically challenging power production project can be made a feasible one in a decade or two says IIA ( International Academy of  Astronautics ) which is headquartered in Paris. In addition it also states that if … Continue reading “Space solar power touted for energy needs”

China’s space solar power station plans

In the previous posts Chinese ambitious Space Solar Power Station wasdiscussed . And also the Chinese aspirations to become global energy supplier. Hence they have planed a 4 step execution  to proceed with this . Currently the execution of this space solar power has just taken a baby step and it is still in the infant … Continue reading “China’s space solar power station plans”

With SBSP the options are limitless

Space based Solar Power project is a very promising long term technology option that can power the  they canworld . But an interesting prospectus in this SBSP technology is also be used to enhance and further improve the security of a nation . Japan , China , US , India and EU which are pioneers in … Continue reading “With SBSP the options are limitless”

China Walks the US-India Space Solar Power Dream

India and US had made significant collaboration on space . Among manyfields both India and US have collaboration space has been on the most significant one for more than a decade now . China has been keenly watching the Indo- US proceedings and on its side it is making a significant progress on the Space … Continue reading “China Walks the US-India Space Solar Power Dream”

China’s Space-Based Solar Power Strategy

United states was the first nation to invent the aeroplane but it realized thereal potential of these air planes only when the then European powers seized the opportunities.United states has been the pioneer in many industry but it seems that it is loosing the grip in the case of Space Based Solar Power to china … Continue reading “China’s Space-Based Solar Power Strategy”